The Future always comes at you head first V1.0

As we approach full nanotech integration into every segment and corner of the world economy we must take the Bull by the tail and face the situation. 19th and 20th-century style Manufacturing jobs ARE NOT coming back because the means of production makes a 180-degree turnaround. It’s time to gear up for jobs in the nanotech sector NOW before they are all allowed to arise organically in Asia. Fossil Fuel Jobs and the industry itself is a dead end. It’s time to gear up for a renewable energy future because that’s a tide that no one can successfully swim against – NO ONE ! LOTS of white collar decision-based jobs are on the chopping block in the next few decades and if you think the prospects of graduating with a six figure debt is rough now – you are in for a shock. Develop life skills and sustainable farming capability now if you want to prepare for the coming social/economic/cultural disruption. Oh and understand well that if you keep filling your children and grandchildren’s heads with what USED TO be considered conventional wisdom – you are committing child abuse.

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