Have courage and keep moving.

so yeah – we are experiencing a bit of a White/Right lash. But they cannot win more than the occasional battle. They are on the wrong side of History. They are doomed to accept progress because that’s just the way it IS. The benefit of living 70 years and more is that you get to witness the pendulum swing. The trick to living 70 years or more and maintaining your sanity is to understand that there is a consistent and irresistible movement forward. There is no evil in this world that does not wind up being a better good than an evil. This wisdom comes from ancient source. I get it that it is not always easy to see how this works out. Just rest assured that it does. But meanwhile, don’t let down your guard, and never give ground to the repressive force. The nature of that force is to move inward and dissipate. The nature of OUR path is to move outward and expand. Trust that. Live that. Eat sleep and breath that and make it empower every fiber of your being. Congratulations, you are a warrior and don’t forget it.

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