We live on a spherical planet which contains other cultures and social constructs that are ALIEN to Y O U. However as ALIEN as they may be they have bled into your current reality and you do NOT have the luxury of burying your head in the sand and ignoring them any longer. Some of them are sick and tired of living under the thumb […]

An interesting thought!

here’s a free clue. Given the entirely broken faithless nature of governmental systems, I suspect that Hillary has just earned a graduate school level degree in how things are now. She and Bill have a foundation that they are now free to drive as they will with no media scrutiny whatsoever. Power has shifted and it is no longer invested in those who are elected […]

Tag You’re it

My generation changed the fucking world. We turned it away from the toxic dead end trajectory that we were set upon. But this has all been sidetracked now because we got old and complacent and forgot that we cared. We raised a generation of kids that expected participation trophies and traded our pride for cheap Chinese made goods we can buy at Walmart with our […]

Meet the new beast, same as the old beast.

We’ve survived all of this at other times when the world has descended into these pitfalls. We learned from them those times; we recovered, and we grew from it. There are new generations who have never had a beast snarling in their face, or trampling them underfoot. They will rise, this new beast will be slain, and the people will feast on its carcass. No […]

There is no time to lose

The sides have been drawn. Give no quarter, show no mercy. The stakes are clear. We are in a survival phase. Choices have been made and now it is a case of who blinks first. Everything hangs in the balance and this is not a time to equivocate. Strike while the iron is hot. Hold the powers that be ( IE: The media) accountable. Hit […]


It is important that the current dominator forces be given as much rope as needed to hang themselves. History has shown that overreach is the only tactic that the GOP and Trumps ilk know. The rubes who were won over by the NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis tactics will not awaken from their stupor until they are smacked in the face repeatedly with the truth that […]