There is no time to lose

The sides have been drawn. Give no quarter, show no mercy. The stakes are clear. We are in a survival phase. Choices have been made and now it is a case of who blinks first. Everything hangs in the balance and this is not a time to equivocate. Strike while the iron is hot. Hold the powers that be ( IE: The media) accountable. Hit them where it hurts- In the pocketbook. They created this mess, it is there’s to clean up and don’t let them forget it! The M$M gave billions of dollars worth of free time to the Trump Campaign  in hopes that they would catch him on live TV delivering his own political death blow. What they did not calculate was that the full faith of the governed had been lost and that everything they knew as conventional wisdom was now NULL and VOID. And so they inadvertently bolstered the potential for the creation of a Trump  campaign based upon  fiction, lies and nonsense to resonate amongst a segment of the population that was hungry for something other than what has gone before. In other words, they literally created a change election that was built on deception.

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