What You Resist Persists

The plan of the current Administration and the SCROTUS is to wear down the #resistance through outrage fatigue. What is required is that a critical mass of positive ACTION be built. Nixon and Kissinger learned the hard way that this autocratic bullshit with Media bashing for frosting comes back to bite with a vengeance. Public opinion and polling are just seeds that will grow into a cultural juggernaut and it will not end well for those who think they can impose their will by sheer force. When push comes to shove the bitter shitters who got conned by his fraudulency and the Plutocratic Grifters of the GOP will fold like a cheap suit as their already grim lot in life just gets worst. The Progressive movement got caught short by a combination of being sidetracked into Identity politics and believing that they had to suck up to the big money donating class. The lesson to be learned from this last election cycle is that this can all be bypassed with messaging that is directed at the grass roots and requires the oligarchy to heel or be trodden underfoot.

The concept of #Resistance needs to be put away. Let me explain why. In esoteric terms “what you resist persists”. The nature of negative force is to move from the center outwards to the perimeter. If you resist it or block it then it remains inside where it festers and becomes #infected. The way to deal with Negative force is to step aside and allow it to continue on its way out into the far reaches where it dissipates as it’s natural course. Resistance is what the current regime requires in order to thrive and keep itself alive. The Nature of Positive Force is to move from the perimeter into the center. Instead of meeting each and every occurrence of the negative energy the proper response it to increase the instances of putting pressure on the movement inward to the center in order retake control and to maintain possession of the center.

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