It is important that the current dominator forces be given as much rope as needed to hang themselves.
History has shown that overreach is the only tactic that the GOP and Trumps ilk know.
The rubes who were won over by the NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis tactics will not awaken from their stupor until they are smacked in the face repeatedly with the truth that they were fed a steady diet of lies. They will not grasp the gravity of what they have done until it impacts their lives and makes their lot worst than it was before.
WE of the technorati will be afforded the opportunity to develop the skills and tactics to deal with this unfortunate turn of events and thus be prepared for any copycats who think they might follow on by surfing that wave. We will hone our crypto skills and fortify our security borders. We will craft subliminal messaging to be delivered to the subconscious minds of the mindless cybermedia audience and thus undercut
and interrupt the screed-feed they just fell prey to. I am speaking to those who are in a place to make change not just resist.
The hippie motto was “smash the state”.
The techie motto is “Hack the state”. Honi soit qui mal y pense